Windows 10 update has serious problems ~ Microsoft warns!

Recently, Microsoft reported that they have found some issues with the Windows 10 update, which have caused many PCs’ to hang up. To this, the company has offered some details on the issues occurred, with a hope of solving it in near future.

Some of the individuals who have updated up with the Windows 10 have found the PC locking up with some elements such as taskbar or task manager. In some of the forum, Microsoft described the problems of the issues with the operating system on the applications and data stored on the separate drive.

Before some weeks ago, when the issues were popped up, some people noted that it can be solved by doing some workarounds or changing the installed location of the app on the system drive.

Microsoft  Windows 10

Since the company is working on the proper fixes, Microsoft made a similar suggestion to work around this problem by signing to the Windows 10 using Safe Mode to shift the apps and data to the safe drive as your operating system.

In case, if this solution doesn’t work for you, Redmond advised the users to roll back or uninstall the update. One method to solve the issue is to use the recovery console by restarting your machine.

Some of the users did report that they are still affecting by this issues even though they don’t have SSD or app not installed on the different drive to the OS. So this seems to be a very serious problem and will be hopefully solved in a near future.

.NET as a platform has higher degree of communication, connectivity and productivity

Microsoft has developed the .NET framework from computers running the Windows Operating System. It is compatible with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98 and all the new Windows versions. The framework consists of pre-coded solutions which enable access to a solution library for a huge range of objectives. The objectives include database connectivity, interface, data access, developing web application and network communications.

The .NET framework combines a CLR or Common Language Runtime and BCL or Base Class Library. CLR enables exception handling, security and memory management. The framework is licensed as being open source. People could use, redistribute and manipulate it for free. Microsoft is open-sourcing more of its .NET developer framework and programming languages. The company already helped build another foundation for open-sourcing the technologies.

Moving forward, Microsoft expects to release as open source more of the .NET libraries and frameworks through the new foundation. It is also looking for contributions from commercial sellers and members of the development community. Members of the community include representatives from Umbraco, Glimpse, GitHub IdentityMine and several other companies.

.NET as a platform

There are more than six million programmers and developers using .NET and there are 1.8 billion installs on the framework across different devices. Microsoft has open-source several developer technologies and tools recently. The company has also released under numerous open source licenses the bulk of MVC, Web API, ASP.NET, SignalR, Entity Framework, VS Web Essentials, Azure development kit and a whole lot more. Furthermore, Microsoft also made available the end-user preview of the Compiler Platform project, known previously as Roslyn. It includes the next versions of VB Compilers and C#, as well as a compiler-as-a-service programming interface.

Despite the many talks, .NET is still relevant and a wonderful framework IMO. Simple things work out-of-the-box on most devices. Furthermore, there are tutorials all over to make the website more phone or tablet friendly. The framework facilitates internet services with aggressive participation in creating, hosting, managing and providing services to both businesses and consumers. It provides developers and programmers the choice and power. It enables them to create apps instead of writing repetitive routines. There are tools that enable software to interoperate across platforms and truly encourage heterogeneous systems. Whatever the business requirement may be, the technology will support it. Developers are in control, letting them select their language and project paradigm, even their development environment is thoroughly customizable. Moreover, programmers are no longer forced to make trade-offs or compromise in lieu of productivity.

Code is built-in and programmers could construct their own applications from the code libraries. They free to concentrate on solving business issues and concerns rather than working on the plumbing of their computer systems. The Microsoft platform promises a higher degree of connectivity, communication and productivity. It connects an employee to another, employee to partner and most of all, employee to customer. Web apps evolve from simple user forms to interactive, rich collaboration. It frees the internet from the personal computer since it connects to cell phones, TVs and appliances among others. Also, users of the platform would have more control of the information via centralized services.

The .NET platform promises a higher degree of connectivity, communication as well as productivity. It connects employee to employee, employee to partner and most of all employee to a client. Web applications evolve from simple user forms to rich, interactive collaboration. Furthermore, it also frees the web from the PC because it connects to cellular phones, appliances, TV’s and others.

Top tools available for ASP.NET in 2016

ASP.NET is the open source web-application framework which is developed and designed for web application development and solution. IT is integrated with the amazing tools that help the developer to build faster and effective web solution. It has the support of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which helps the millions of users and developers to scale their websites and add more complexities like Web APIs for the real-time communication. By examining the analysis of the market trends and requirements of developers, check out this tools which you can use for developing the impressive tools.


  1. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

IDE is one of the basic tools that developers use to write and test the software. Typically it consists of code, editor, compiler, interpreter, and debugger that developer can access through the single Graphics User Interface. By default, IDE provides the official Microsoft Asp.Net. IDE is a standalone application and has got the excellent features in testing, coding and debugging of the code of web applications. Instead of working on different applications, here you can easily write code with the support of the IDE tool. Additionally, with this tool it allows the developers to execute the code incrementally and manages the changes uniformly.

  1. Version Control

A version control system is a mixture of technologies for controlling the changes in the project’s files, source code, documentation and web pages. Having a tight integration with Visual Studio, it offers command line interface across the multiple platforms. It enables you to do the simple adjustments enhancing the quality of projects which is disabled in other versions. It is basically the communication system, where the change is the basic unit of the information.

  1. Browser Development Tools

Today almost all the browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer offers their own browser development tool to scrutinize the aspects of web pages. These tools are commonly known as add-ons and extensions and it is also developed by the web developers. These browser tools vary in their jobs for instance: some tools helps you in the issues with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript while other evaluate the accessibility of the website.

Bootstrap is another framework for developing the web applications. It is integrated with the great tools for developing the websites. Having CSS and HTML and JavaScript extensions, it simplifies the process of dynamic website development.


ASP.NET is an official version of Microsoft which is aimed to simplify the process of website development. If you are looking to develop your project through ASP.NET, you can contact a leading Web Development Company to get the leveraging service for your project.

Microsoft maps out F# language

Recently, it was reported that Microsoft is in the plan to map F# which is functional first language that includes the capabilities ranging from struct tuples to improved error messages. Company is also working on .NET Core which is open source multi-platform of .NET programming model. The team of Fsharp revealed that, the core focus of this language is on flexibility and incremental improvements. The main feature is struct and Visual Basic tuples with visual C#7.

Microsoft F# language

But what are tuples?

Tuples are the data structure consisting of the multiple parts of data. It can store fixed size of data in finite sequence and returns multiple values from a method. The main function of the Struct tuples improves performance when many tuples are allocated in a short time interval.

Microsoft Soft Hunter, a member of engineering team stated in a conference that there was a lack of API’s in .NET Core but with this release, it will bring back the missing API which includes networking, serialization and more. The release of the API will make the developer to write the code easily targeting and will enable to run majorly on .NET 2.0 standards.

F# – a language develop by Microsoft is in the plan to be upgraded as a part of .NET core plans. Company is planning to include .Net core support and a better IDE experience on the F# language service. And also, value tuples will be added for annotating types and support for the fixed keywords. Functional changes like tuples and pattern matching. This language is develop to receive the better quality of the code, throw expressions and more. This feature will be available in C# 7.

This is expected to release in late of August 2016. It will speed up the performance of the build and also the publishing time in ASP.NET. The templates for .NET F# will be updated soon.

ClearDB reveals the vision that fundamentally changes the way Database Assets are consumed

Cloud database technologies recently launched ClearDB which supports data service platform and it is encouraged to revamp entire way the database are used. ClearDB is deployed with the features of geo-distribution and data virtualization which also includes billing support, centralized on-demand licensing and some delivery models to ease the management of database assets.

ClearDB is developed to work on public clouds but it also supports private and on-premise operations clouds. Due to its amazing data service, it automates the data management process with the interfaces that encourages data performance and also ensures about its availability in any cloud resources, reducing its infrastructure cost up to 85% including Azure, AWS, Heroku, AppFog, SoftLayer and IBM Bluemix.


Clear DB’s data service clearly reduces the high amount of workload and also the ease the service of transaction and analytics database as it is offering DBaaS service. This is highly secured platform and also supports exceptional asset utilization reducing the overall cost.

ClearDB service is offering amazing assets and thinks beyond the native cloud DBaaS in surpassing the data management services and also ensures to provide cloud solutions that are integrated with database infrastructure. As it would provide public cloud delivery, database administrators would be highly benefited by its scalable and efficient services models. This will lead to the business growth and better customer experience.

Many countries around the world would depend on database cloud services which totally optimize the computing efficiency of database applications. Apart from this, ClearDB doesn’t need any complex setups and configuration as it is the backend infrastructure. It is designed to increase the data storage upgrades, hence reduces the administrations. It also nullifies the expensive licensing cost and increases the efficiency and availabilities. It has the feature of geo-distributed replication and so it provides maximum data placement flexibility. Beyond all this, it supports 24*7 commercial support.