ClearDB reveals the vision that fundamentally changes the way Database Assets are consumed

Cloud database technologies recently launched ClearDB which supports data service platform and it is encouraged to revamp entire way the database are used. ClearDB is deployed with the features of geo-distribution and data virtualization which also includes billing support, centralized on-demand licensing and some delivery models to ease the management of database assets.

ClearDB is developed to work on public clouds but it also supports private and on-premise operations clouds. Due to its amazing data service, it automates the data management process with the interfaces that encourages data performance and also ensures about its availability in any cloud resources, reducing its infrastructure cost up to 85% including Azure, AWS, Heroku, AppFog, SoftLayer and IBM Bluemix.


Clear DB’s data service clearly reduces the high amount of workload and also the ease the service of transaction and analytics database as it is offering DBaaS service. This is highly secured platform and also supports exceptional asset utilization reducing the overall cost.

ClearDB service is offering amazing assets and thinks beyond the native cloud DBaaS in surpassing the data management services and also ensures to provide cloud solutions that are integrated with database infrastructure. As it would provide public cloud delivery, database administrators would be highly benefited by its scalable and efficient services models. This will lead to the business growth and better customer experience.

Many countries around the world would depend on database cloud services which totally optimize the computing efficiency of database applications. Apart from this, ClearDB doesn’t need any complex setups and configuration as it is the backend infrastructure. It is designed to increase the data storage upgrades, hence reduces the administrations. It also nullifies the expensive licensing cost and increases the efficiency and availabilities. It has the feature of geo-distributed replication and so it provides maximum data placement flexibility. Beyond all this, it supports 24*7 commercial support.