Microsoft maps out F# language

Recently, it was reported that Microsoft is in the plan to map F# which is functional first language that includes the capabilities ranging from struct tuples to improved error messages. Company is also working on .NET Core which is open source multi-platform of .NET programming model. The team of Fsharp revealed that, the core focus of this language is on flexibility and incremental improvements. The main feature is struct and Visual Basic tuples with visual C#7.

Microsoft F# language

But what are tuples?

Tuples are the data structure consisting of the multiple parts of data. It can store fixed size of data in finite sequence and returns multiple values from a method. The main function of the Struct tuples improves performance when many tuples are allocated in a short time interval.

Microsoft Soft Hunter, a member of engineering team stated in a conference that there was a lack of API’s in .NET Core but with this release, it will bring back the missing API which includes networking, serialization and more. The release of the API will make the developer to write the code easily targeting and will enable to run majorly on .NET 2.0 standards.

F# – a language develop by Microsoft is in the plan to be upgraded as a part of .NET core plans. Company is planning to include .Net core support and a better IDE experience on the F# language service. And also, value tuples will be added for annotating types and support for the fixed keywords. Functional changes like tuples and pattern matching. This language is develop to receive the better quality of the code, throw expressions and more. This feature will be available in C# 7.

This is expected to release in late of August 2016. It will speed up the performance of the build and also the publishing time in ASP.NET. The templates for .NET F# will be updated soon.