ClearDB reveals the vision that fundamentally changes the way Database Assets are consumed

Cloud database technologies recently launched ClearDB which supports data service platform and it is encouraged to revamp entire way the database are used. ClearDB is deployed with the features of geo-distribution and data virtualization which also includes billing support, centralized on-demand licensing and some delivery models to ease the management of database assets.

ClearDB is developed to work on public clouds but it also supports private and on-premise operations clouds. Due to its amazing data service, it automates the data management process with the interfaces that encourages data performance and also ensures about its availability in any cloud resources, reducing its infrastructure cost up to 85% including Azure, AWS, Heroku, AppFog, SoftLayer and IBM Bluemix.


Clear DB’s data service clearly reduces the high amount of workload and also the ease the service of transaction and analytics database as it is offering DBaaS service. This is highly secured platform and also supports exceptional asset utilization reducing the overall cost.

ClearDB service is offering amazing assets and thinks beyond the native cloud DBaaS in surpassing the data management services and also ensures to provide cloud solutions that are integrated with database infrastructure. As it would provide public cloud delivery, database administrators would be highly benefited by its scalable and efficient services models. This will lead to the business growth and better customer experience.

Many countries around the world would depend on database cloud services which totally optimize the computing efficiency of database applications. Apart from this, ClearDB doesn’t need any complex setups and configuration as it is the backend infrastructure. It is designed to increase the data storage upgrades, hence reduces the administrations. It also nullifies the expensive licensing cost and increases the efficiency and availabilities. It has the feature of geo-distributed replication and so it provides maximum data placement flexibility. Beyond all this, it supports 24*7 commercial support.



New features of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1

Microsoft recently launched its new version of .NET Framework, providing the competitive platform for the .NET developers by offering them amazing support in terms of user experience, security and seamless communication. Hence this provides a perfect reliable model for the Microsoft developers in building the traffic-generating web application. Comparing to the older versions, Microsoft .NET frameworks have put the great efforts by incorporating the bug fixes and new functionalities from the traditional version. With the interfacing of many new features, development has become much easier and quicker for the developers.

Microsoft .Net Framework

Have a look at some of the key features of the new version:

  • Support for ECDSA X509 Certificates

ECDSA means Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm. The name only suggests how secure this algorithm will be in terms of cryptography. This provides high data protection and security compared to RSA and also offers great compatibility and better performance to the application.

  • Improved Windows Presentation Foundation

The latest framework has improved WPF with the modifications done in firing touch events, spell-checker which now gets the support from the operating system and is also updated on Windows 8.1 and later versions, user dictionaries and new implementation of Direct3D images for changing the content information between DirectX10 and DirectX11.


With this new framework, the company has also improved its data connectivity by integrating ALWAYSON and ALWAYS ENCRYPTED FEATURES. These features are included in ADO.NET to provide the hardware supported keys. Additionally, it has also the support of hardware security modules, where you can store Always Encrypted Master key, providing the faster connection with SQLClient.

  • Code Page Encodings

With Encoding.RegisterProvider it is possible to load support for the code page encodings by registering with this method.

  • Profiling

The earlier version of API was not managed, but this feature has significantly improved in .NET framework 4.6.1. These improvements are made with the enhanced support for PDP access in the ICorProfilerInfor7interface. The PDBs are used by profiler tools for mapping code to task source lines and perform better analysis. GetInMemorySymbolsLength and ReadInMemorySymbols are the interface methods which provides the access to in-memory PDP data. ICorProfiler interface will help to make the changes in the metadata too.

However, there are many other features and improvements that are done in .NET Framework 4.6.1 for the better development of .NET.

Improve ROI of Online Business and Reduce Cost by Using Microsoft Silverlight

The software development industry is following the latest trend to develop a more interactive website. The web development companies have started using the latest software applications to develop the websites to meet their client’s expectation of highly rich internet applications. This has added life to the website to make it look like a living entity.

One of the most widely used technology is Microsoft Silverlight, which helps in creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA). This means a website is cross platform and cross browser compatible and also uses .NET framework. As the competition is changing and new trends are occupying the market, businesses are now focusing on developing highly interactive websites which connect with each user and improves their experience.

Improve ROI of Online Business

Microsoft Silverlight contains several rich features. One among them is adding audio and video clip to the website. This enriches the multimedia experience and also the animation is used to render the elegant display. Such feature is advantageous for the online networking websites which are in high demand.

Using the Microsoft Silverlight in the software development technology has made it easier for the developers to design secure payment gateways and interactive shopping carts. Having the intuitive features allows the website owners to attract the online shoppers by facilitating the business online that subsequently increases the purchase of goods and services from the comfort of buying from home or office. Silverlight is a programmable plugin for a web browser which facilitates the users to watch video and animations and hear audio online.

The content displayed on the screen is by Silverlight text based language known as XAML. By using this feature, the content becomes search engine friendly which can be used easily for indexing. This results in faster crawling of the website in the search engine results. This will improve the online visibility which attracts more traffic, which ultimately makes the website popular.

Lastly, by using the Microsoft Silverlight software development technology, the website becomes highly interactive by the rich images which also becomes search engine optimized. This directly increases the website visibility globally, which improves the ROI of the business.

.NET Development could provide the right business technology very efficiently

The .NET platform is a major Windows component which supports building and running desktop applications and internet services. .NET development has become a very good venture for many software and web developers for years now. .NET also provides simple development and deployment as well as support for various programming and the management of an execution environment.

The framework has a class library that could be used in developing applications. It’s a great methodology that enables Microsoft to define the next business shift. Now, Microsoft offers more vision and influence on the shift compared to other vendors. The development of .NET also includes technologies such as ADO.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and ASP.NET.

Developers of the Microsoft platform could enjoy several benefits. Businesses these days are looking towards their IT departments to justify their presence in the company and information technology could boost revenue or minimize the cost. For any business today, helping its information technology departments align their goals, it is necessary to choose the right technology to make and develop strategic apps. The .NET platform by Microsoft can effectively and efficiently do this. Before one determines and should understand the true advantages of developing solutions for the framework, it is important to comprehend the various application types that one could build with it.

.net development

Some of the apps that can be built with the platform include customer relationship management, websites, accounting applications, warehousing apps using hand-held devices or mobile phones, inventory/product apps, incorporating with online partners, XML web services, value chain and hand-held applications. It is composed of library of classes that are reusable, which are small components that help developers in building applications. Furthermore, it also comprises of a development environment so that developers could rapidly and graphically create apps.

Microsoft, as well as other vendors provides numerous sample codes, books, specialized components, articles and other resources to help the transition to the framework easy. .NET was considered as the future development of Microsoft and to this day has lived up to it despite the existence of other platforms and frameworks. In fact, the release of the MS Windows code called Longhorn was built upon the framework. This means that any investment in .NET will surely last many years. The functionality provided by the class library is available to all languages, which result to a consistent object model, regardless of what programming language a developer may use.

.NET additionally allows developers and system administrators to specify method level security and utilized industry-standard protocols. These include SOAP, XML, HTTP and TCP/IP to facilitate the distributed app communications. This way makes computing much secure because developers cooperate with network security devices instead of working on security limitations. The platform simplifies the process of development by distinguishing the app logic and presentation logic and making code maintenance much easier. Moreover, it makes it easier to deploy applications and take care of details of loading and finding the components and some application requirements even if different versions of the same application exist on a computer.

.NET as a Microsoft platform is a major component that supports the creation and the running of desktop apps as well as internet services. .NET development continues to be a good venture or option for many software developers for many years now. Moreover, the framework offers simple development as well as deployment and support for different programming as well.

The .NET framework makes it easy to develop web and desktop applications for different organizations

.NET is a framework which makes it easy to develop desktop and web applications. The platform includes Visual Studio IDE as well as other server technologies. Moreover, it inspires web software development. Since time is money, a philosophy that drives businesses to adopt smarter means to establish efficient practices, developers of business apps now use the framework which is designed by Microsoft.

.NET is an essential Windows component that enables rapid app development. It provides developers with a chance to design apps for certain functionalities efficiently and effectively. Below are some applications that could be created with the platform.

  1. Accounting applications
  2. CRM
  3. Websites
  4. Inventory/product apps
  5. XML web services
  6. Integration with partners via the internet
  7. Supply management/value chain

Developers could re-design solutions to support the increasing needs of a company. The framework is built on the Common Language Runtime or CLR and it mostly uses the libraries of the structure. The important elements of the class library comprise forms of ASP.NET, Windows, WPF and ADO.NET for data approach. The structure facilitates easy development as well as supports multiple programming languages like VB and C#.

The advantages of the framework:

  1. Deployment
  2. Security
  3. Maintainability
  4. Code management
  5. Cross platform and service-oriented architecture
  6. Integration with legal systems
  7. RAD
  8. Globalization and localization
  9. Interoperation with current apps
  10. Scalability

The framework help designers and developers acquire the benefits of its dynamic and creative characteristics. It decreases the quantity of code required significantly and secure. It offers a WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get scenario and offers server controls and blueprints that have the capability to drag and drop an involuntary operation. The source and HTML code are separated, so changes could be easily done.

The initiative pervades all computing aspects. From the operating system and web browser, to the servers running the internet, down to phones, handheld devices and radios, the platform has a story. The ambition of Microsoft is to change the way to access, develop and interact with online applications. Given this, it is easy to see that the platform is vital to those who access information electronically. Since it is very far-reaching, its relevance is differently defined for various audiences.

There are service providers with extensive experience in its technologies. Most of them are Microsoft Gold Certified partners with a team of highly skilled and experienced programmers who stay updated with the current technologies and products from Microsoft. The expert team utilizes technologies such as XML, C#, MVC and SQL Server database among others to build powerful apps as per one’s budget and requirements. One could see how Microsoft could spread within an enterprise. It begins with one project and one developer. However, the only way to win over programmers is through a killer product, which is .NET. It provides programmers power and choice. Moreover, it enables them to create applications, instead of writing repetitive routines. It also offers tools that allow a software interoperability across platforms and truly encourages heterogeneous systems.

Developers are in control since it enables them to select their project paradigm and language. Programmers are no longer pressured to compromise or do trade-offs in lieu of productivity. With the tool, all languages are made equal. Engineers could construct their solutions from the code libraries and are free to focus their efforts on solving business issues, than working on plumbing their systems.


The .NET framework makes it easy to develop both web and desktop applications. It includes Visual Studio IDE and other server technologies and inspires IT professionals far and wide. It is considered an essential Windows component which enables fast development. Designers could create applications easily and effortlessly because of the framework by Microsoft.

Monitoring is an integral factor to avoid being ripped off by a web development company

Without a doubt, web application development and the services of a web development company are making waves. The most often mistake that organizations and businesses do is hiring a web designer too quickly just because it is more affordable. Keep in mind that a website is a visual representation of any business and a site that is poorly designed could discourage visitors and could represent your products or even lose sales.

Web Development CompanyMoreover, poor web design also harm the potential of your business which you likely to get from your website. And most hurting thing is that you even might lose your repeat customers who likes your business and, also like your company but because of poor design it might stay away from your company.

For your company to avoid being ripped off by a web application development service provider, the following are some things to keep in mind.

1. Always do your research and do not just carelessly hand over your money to a service provider just because it promises to deliver your project.

2. Make it a point to Google the prospective service provider and look for reviews about them. You can do this by going over your browser and typing ‘Company name reviews’. An unscrupulous company will probably have a lot of reviews substantiating their lack of ethics.

3. Regardless if they are a BBB member, the organization acts as a mediator and will post any complaints and whether these complaints and issues have been resolved.

4. Try to visit Google’s Webmaster Recommendations, particularly for search engine optimization organizations. There is some good advice in the content that could alert you to scams. Keep in mind that if it is too good to be true, then the better to avoid it right away. There are plenty of reputable web development service providers around and if you do your research, you can definitely find a web development company that could provide the services you require.

5. Talk to your friends or co-workers and basically do your research in every way possible. References from colleagues and friends are a better option to avoid being ripped off by an unreliable service provider. Determine the kind of site the service provider has built and if it is the same as yours, then it is worth considering.

6. Monitor what the design team is doing when they take over your project. This way, you will be able to change things mid-stride instead of after they have completed your project. Checking out things before they are completed costs less money so you should stay on top of what is taking place and offer input along the way.

Don’t forget that web development companies are notorious for providing you a quote something else and then billing something that is considerably greater. It is consequently necessary to lay out all of the essential particulars. Make a plan on what you precisely need and want for your website and take note on essential details you want to accomplish. As quickly as you realize exactly what you would like, the service provider will be in a position to give you a better economical quote.

Hiring a web development company turn out to be a huge nightmare if you have no idea about what you need and if you don’t discover out the quality of the function that they do before you employ them. Usually be cautious and do your study before you decide to proceed.


What are the top ten thought process when choosing a Web Development Firm?

Hiring a web development firm these days need not be a scary journey towards the unknown. Nevertheless, as long as you know how, where and what to look, you could not go wrong. Below are top ten considerations when it comes to looking for a web development firm.


1. An experienced developer or designer has more skills to build sophisticated looking websites. Moreover, it also has more tools, knowledge and tricks to help you in accomplishing your business goals. One of the things you should consider is to see the company’s design portfolio, the company’s own website design, the number of websites they have developed, web development they specialize, whether the company knows JavaScript and more. Interviewing the designer or developer not only gives you the answers to your questions but also insights on the designer, the expertise level and how well you could work together.

2. The firm should have top quality customer service. Ask for a company’s list of references and make sure to call them. Do not hesitate to ask questions and ask the company if the web developer is responsive to the needs.

3. An effective web development firm should have the ability to create original, professional web graphics. Although anyone could create links and put words on a page, only a skilled designer has a good sense of page layout, knows how to create a good color scheme and could create tasteful graphics that enhance the website.

4. The firm should be marketing savvy. Determine if the company could help you make Meta tags for your site, the search engines they submit to and if they mass submit or hand submit your website to the vital search engines.

5. The web development firm should be creative. Moreover, you should watch out for over-creative and know-it-all developers who will not listen to your input. Remember, it is your website and thus you should have creative input. The key is finding a developer that will heed to your suggestions and could work with you and offer advice and ideas when planning your website.

6. The web development firm should be able to provide you with an accurate estimate. Find out all the costs involved and if there are hidden costs you should be aware of. Ask if you should put down a deposit or whether it charges an hourly rate of a flat rate.

7. Your web developer should have great communication skills. This ensures trust. Make sure you understand their explanations of whether they use techno-babble. If you plan on having a good long-term working relationship with your service provider, it is necessary that you are comfortable with each other and could communicate well and clearly.

8. Determine how long the firm could complete your project. A simple site could be developed in one or two weeks. A bigger site could take several weeks to a few months to finish.

9. Check out if the firm offers full range of services. This way, you could determine if you could rely on its expertise in handling more technical questions that could arise.

10. Determine if the firm is a full time web development firm or part time. A full time developer could complete a website in a shorter time.