.Net core and Visual Studio code

.NET Core provides a blazing rapid and modular platform for building server apps, which run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Visual Studio code, with the C# extension could be used to have a powerful editing experience with complete support for C# and debugging.


Open source and cross-platform development are integral for the current and future strategies of Microsoft. A lot of building blocks of the .NET stack have become open sourced, while others are developed to embrace and support the new strategy. .NET Core at present is the most recent open source technology for creating cross-platform apps for the web and cloud, which runs on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

.NET Core enables writing MVC(Model-View-Controller) apps with C# and relies on .NET Core, the new open source as well as cross-platform modular set of runtimes, compilers and libraries in RC as well. The biggest advantage of .NET Core is that it is entirely independent from any integrated development environment or proprietary project systems, meaning that one could also build an ASP.NET Core app outside Visual Studio.

.Net core and Visual Studio code


Building an ASP.NET Core application could be accomplished by using several command-line tools to scaffold, create and run apps, while Visual Studio Code could be used for editing. There is plenty of work in progress yet, thus some features may change until it reaches the RTM or Release-to-Manufacturing milestone. For example, ASP.NET Core used to rely on the .NET Execution environment and he command-line interface for building and managing apps. Since .NET Core is created upon .NET Core, DNX would be retire and the CLI would switch to the .NET Core command-line tools for future releases, thus it is important to bear in mind if one wants to start writing cross-platform web applications with ASP.NET Core and C#.


The first thing to do is to create a database to work with. One could use an existing database or define the data model with the Entity Framework Code First approach, but support for migrations of code in ASP.NET Core is still in progress and aren’t stable at this time. Thus, one simply creates a new database, which stores a list of car models and the names of the manufacturers.


  1. Installing .NET Core. Whether the OS is Windows, Mac OS or Linux, the instructions for getting .NET core on a machine could be followed. When installation is complete, one should be able to open a command line interface or CMD, PowerShell for Windows, Terminal for both Linux and MacOS and check out if the installation was successful through executing the command: dotnet PowerShell>Output for the dotnet command in PowerShell. The output is the same for Linux and MacOS. At this point, .NET Core has been installed successfully and one could begin building apps.
  2. Creating a .NET Core app using the command line interface. In Windows PowerShell or Linux/MacOS Terminal, one could create a new directory. A new console app could be made using the dotnet new command.
  3. Installing Visual Studio Code. To get IntelliSense working, one should install the C# extension for Visual Studio Code, which also installs OmniSharp for IntelliSense. After it installs, it should be enabled and VS Code should be restarted. At this point, one could open the folder with the earlier VS Code project. This could be done via the command line by using code.
  4. Running in Visual Studio code. To enable debugging and running code from VS Code, a prompt is revealed, asking to add the configuration files. This would add a .vscode folder in the solution root with a couple of .json files-tasks.json and launch.json. The app could be run by proceeding to the Debug pane or pressing Ctrl (Cmd) +Shift+D and then pressing the run button or F5. If everything goes well, one should be able to view the output in the debug console.
  5. Adding classes and navigating through code. At this point, one could start using VS Code to its full potential. IntelliSense, navigating code, code completion and going to definitions. A full list of VS Code tips and tricks could be seen on the official Microsoft GitHub organization.

Getting started with ASP.NET Core and Visual Studio Code is pretty simple and straightforward. One could look forward to everything else in store for the Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code goes a step further in running code analytics to locate code issues, which make it less clear, perform worse or adhere to bad practices. Visual Studio could remove all unnecessary using directives from a file. This also handles a lot of things, such as code that is unreachable, case statements and more.

Dive into the .NET Core world and learn how to build easy-to-maintain web apps with Visual Studio Code.

.NET is an ideal Software Development Platform for High Grade Custom Applications

One could find several software developers in Australia that provide .NET development services. Some of them have onsite offices in Melbourne or Sydney as well as offshore development centers in India. Development services span the full cycle of custom software programming services, from the implementation of a product, the design, .NET development to on-going support and improvement.

Microsoft .NET offers an ideal software development platform for organization grade custom applications. It is built on the long-established platform of Microsoft using the most current Visual Studio development tools. Technically, developers could work across all languages of the framework and others including Visual Basic, .NET MVC, C# and ASP. It is furthermore backed up with a Microsoft SQL or Oracle database to provide a scalable, robust, reliable and secure custom business application.

The Microsoft .NET development in Australia has service providers with a team of developers with rich expertise in a huge range of technology platforms, including of course .NET. The frameworks and approaches could be leveraged to create different kinds of applications, covering mobile, web as well as desktop applications. They also do consultation services for app architectural and design, portfolio assessment, enablement of service oriented architecture, rationalization of platform, .NET integration with third party apps and products, proof of concepts, change management and cloud computing among others.

.NET is an ideal Software Development

The .NET developers have a big team working on the framework and other technologies as well. One of the main advantages for enterprises is that incorporating with other Microsoft products is easy and seamless. There are methods and libraries available wit for fast and easy integration. Service providers offer a dedicate team of developers and programmers and take projects on a turnkey basis as well. Furthermore, they have a comprehensive resource pool available for the technologies of Microsoft such as subject matter experts, technical architects, developers and team leads. The developers working in Australia often receive the biggest pays, which is usually because of the cost of living in the area. Nevertheless, a firm can be certain of a product or solution that is of the highest quality and done with utmost technical expertise as the software industry in the region is of very high quality.

Service providers in Australia are able to build the appropriate website for any business and could work with an array of various software frameworks to achieve the desired results. As the .NET programmers and developers build a website, they work very closely with the client every step of the way. This is to ensure that they are creating the website that the customer wants and not just web design around what they think the customer wants.

There are also very flexible engagement models that are based on the needs and requirements of a project. The project scope is well-defined and the costs and expenses are agreed upfront. The dedicated offshore team in Australia acts as an organization’s virtual employees.

The choice of technology and platform stack will depend on the kind of project as well as the long-term requirements of a company. .NET developers are able to deliver projects of all types and scales.


The Microsoft .NET development in Australia has various vendors and service providers with a team of programmers and developers with rich expertise in a wide range of technology platforms, which of course include .NET. The approaches and frameworks can be leveraged to build different types of applications, which cover web, mobile as well as desktop applications.

.NET Development could provide the right business technology very efficiently

The .NET platform is a major Windows component which supports building and running desktop applications and internet services. .NET development has become a very good venture for many software and web developers for years now. .NET also provides simple development and deployment as well as support for various programming and the management of an execution environment.

The framework has a class library that could be used in developing applications. It’s a great methodology that enables Microsoft to define the next business shift. Now, Microsoft offers more vision and influence on the shift compared to other vendors. The development of .NET also includes technologies such as ADO.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and ASP.NET.

Developers of the Microsoft platform could enjoy several benefits. Businesses these days are looking towards their IT departments to justify their presence in the company and information technology could boost revenue or minimize the cost. For any business today, helping its information technology departments align their goals, it is necessary to choose the right technology to make and develop strategic apps. The .NET platform by Microsoft can effectively and efficiently do this. Before one determines and should understand the true advantages of developing solutions for the framework, it is important to comprehend the various application types that one could build with it.

.net development

Some of the apps that can be built with the platform include customer relationship management, websites, accounting applications, warehousing apps using hand-held devices or mobile phones, inventory/product apps, incorporating with online partners, XML web services, value chain and hand-held applications. It is composed of library of classes that are reusable, which are small components that help developers in building applications. Furthermore, it also comprises of a development environment so that developers could rapidly and graphically create apps.

Microsoft, as well as other vendors provides numerous sample codes, books, specialized components, articles and other resources to help the transition to the framework easy. .NET was considered as the future development of Microsoft and to this day has lived up to it despite the existence of other platforms and frameworks. In fact, the release of the MS Windows code called Longhorn was built upon the framework. This means that any investment in .NET will surely last many years. The functionality provided by the class library is available to all languages, which result to a consistent object model, regardless of what programming language a developer may use.

.NET additionally allows developers and system administrators to specify method level security and utilized industry-standard protocols. These include SOAP, XML, HTTP and TCP/IP to facilitate the distributed app communications. This way makes computing much secure because developers cooperate with network security devices instead of working on security limitations. The platform simplifies the process of development by distinguishing the app logic and presentation logic and making code maintenance much easier. Moreover, it makes it easier to deploy applications and take care of details of loading and finding the components and some application requirements even if different versions of the same application exist on a computer.

.NET as a Microsoft platform is a major component that supports the creation and the running of desktop apps as well as internet services. .NET development continues to be a good venture or option for many software developers for many years now. Moreover, the framework offers simple development as well as deployment and support for different programming as well.