Improve ROI of Online Business and Reduce Cost by Using Microsoft Silverlight

The software development industry is following the latest trend to develop a more interactive website. The web development companies have started using the latest software applications to develop the websites to meet their client’s expectation of highly rich internet applications. This has added life to the website to make it look like a living entity.

One of the most widely used technology is Microsoft Silverlight, which helps in creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA). This means a website is cross platform and cross browser compatible and also uses .NET framework. As the competition is changing and new trends are occupying the market, businesses are now focusing on developing highly interactive websites which connect with each user and improves their experience.

Improve ROI of Online Business

Microsoft Silverlight contains several rich features. One among them is adding audio and video clip to the website. This enriches the multimedia experience and also the animation is used to render the elegant display. Such feature is advantageous for the online networking websites which are in high demand.

Using the Microsoft Silverlight in the software development technology has made it easier for the developers to design secure payment gateways and interactive shopping carts. Having the intuitive features allows the website owners to attract the online shoppers by facilitating the business online that subsequently increases the purchase of goods and services from the comfort of buying from home or office. Silverlight is a programmable plugin for a web browser which facilitates the users to watch video and animations and hear audio online.

The content displayed on the screen is by Silverlight text based language known as XAML. By using this feature, the content becomes search engine friendly which can be used easily for indexing. This results in faster crawling of the website in the search engine results. This will improve the online visibility which attracts more traffic, which ultimately makes the website popular.

Lastly, by using the Microsoft Silverlight software development technology, the website becomes highly interactive by the rich images which also becomes search engine optimized. This directly increases the website visibility globally, which improves the ROI of the business.